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Letters to 

The Little Owl

"Letters to The Little Owl" is my blog which shares some of the curve balls life throws at me. 


The Extra Steps

What does it take to be our best? To live a fulfilled content life? Well, we've created our own little programme to help people called, "The Extra Steps"

"Being a Dad with two amazing girls and an amazing wife, I just want them to have the best chance in life. Life is a pretty bumpy emotional roller coaster and so I want to do everything I can to support them on the way. I think we all want to make our own little dent in the world and this is mine." 

Tim lives in Guildford UK

Tim Brown


Svetlana Dragicevic (Ava)


Ava has been drawing and painting since, well ... forever!

Using watercolour techniques and digital, bringing fairy tales to life, she loves animals, nature (and life at the beach)!

Having lived in numerous places, Split has a special place in her heart for its beauty. Although these days she lives in Belgrade, Serbia.

Check out Ava's portfolio: 99designs.com/profiles/avasart