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The Book: Project

The Little Owl & the Cloud

"I will not be a cloud forever but I will never disappear ..."

When the Little Owl bumped into the Cloud they became the best of friends. Clouds do not remain as clouds forever and soon the Little Owl was left all alone to look for her new friend. She quickly discovered though, that if she looked closely enough she could find her new friend in the strangest of places.

The Little Owl

A story about love and loss, ideal for children experiencing the loss of someone close.


"Once in a wood not so far from here, there lived a little owl.

This little owl was a beautiful little owl who had big hopes and dreams. 

She loved to hoot and laugh and sing, and had the softest dark brown feathers you’d ever seen.

 They sparkled and shimmered underneath the silvery moon."


Written to give my own children something to remember their Nanny by. Written by Tim Brown, Illustrated by Felicity Elena Haf.



"It's the little things in life that pack the biggest punch"

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