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Letters to

The Little Owl

Welcome to my blog "Letters to The Little Owl".

I remember when I was younger my mum always use to make us write "thank you" letters after every Christmas and Birthday to everyone who brought us a present. On every holiday we'd write a postcard send and send it home hoping it would get there before we did.

Writing letters seems to be condemned to black and white films now or war films, when the soldiers write home to their loved ones sharing their experience.

Well "Letters to The Little Owl" is how I am sharing my experiences on this bumpy roller coaster called life! How can I be a better son, a better husband, a better father a better human being? It doesn't mean I have the answers or get it right all of the time, it just means I'm going to give it a good go at finding some of them. I hope you enjoy them and find some comfort in them like receiving a letter of old.


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