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The Extra Steps

We all have moments in our life when will feel a lesser version of ourselves, or that we want life to be better than it currently is. It may be a relationship, work, or lifestyle we want to improve that is not fulfilling us. The Extra Steps looks at how we can make those changes to give you more contentness, more fulfillment, more of the life you want helping you to be your best. So why is it called the Extra Steps?


“Nothing in life worth having comes easy”

If we want change in our life then it requires us to make a change in our life. Change doesn’t come easy, it takes effort, it takes discipline it takes the extra step.


The Wheel of Excellence


The Core: My best self

The wheel of excellence attempts to share how we can make the most out of life.  Starting from the centre core principles of finding your own purpose, creating a vision for your life, and identifying your own character strengths and identifying beliefs that will get where you want to be.


The Inner Ring: My Mindset

The second ring looks at some of the Mindset skills that will help you to achieve this. Optimism, confidence, grit, focus, growth, calm, control.


The Outer Ring: My Recovery

Finally, we move to the recovery ring if we are going to push ourselves it's vital we give our chance to recover and reset!

“Success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics” 

Tony Robbins

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