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Friday Favourites

Each week we want to pass on some of the little things that have inspired us, and that we are most grateful for during that week. These are our Friday Favourites:


Having 2 young daughters this really resonated with me. Trying to achieve the balance between free will as well as setting boundaries is a daily struggle. Click the picture to see the link.


A must read for anyone for anyone who is tired playing a role in life that isn't true to themselves. So many times we get caught playing a version of ourselves that we believe others want us to be. Brene Brown explores how we can gain control again.


In this video Author Lewis Howes talks to Anchor Man Dan Harris, who went from being a mindfulness sceptic to meditation convert after having a nationally televised panic attack on Good Morning America, Dan found then wrote 10% Happier, as a way to convince fellow sceptics to give the practice a shot


My favourite quote of the week!


Finally my favourite moment had to be my when my wife was playing hide and seek with my daughter. Genius!

Thanks for listening!

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