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Friday Favourites

Each week we want to pass on some of the little things that have inspired us on social media, things we've read or listened to, things we've learnt and moments that impacted us, the things we are most grateful for during that week. These are our Friday Favourites:


I came across this TED Talk by Shawn Anchor and was hooked from the moment he started his presentation. So engaging and funny with some real nuggets of how we can be happeir.


This month Action for Happiness have a "Mindful March Calendar". Perfect if you want some small actions to increase your daily mindfulness.


This really jumped out at me on me on Instagram this week from "Meditation in the Classroom". A big part of "The Little Owl" is being grateful for the little things in life, things that don't cost money, and are the things we miss most when gone. This captures it perfectly for me.


My favourite quote of the week!


Finally, we were so lucky to have an amazing family holiday in the Alps last week, with so many highlights this was just one of many memorable moments I was thankful for. My youngest daughters first Apres Ski!

Ok thanks for taking the time to review our Friday Favourites, until next week!

Tim x


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