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Friday Favourites

Each week we want to pass on some of the little things that have inspired us on social media, things we've read or listened to, things we've learnt and moments that impacted us, the things we are most grateful for during that week. These are our Friday Favourites:


I haven't been well this week so had some time to spare on Monday as I was horizontal. As I flicked through Netflix to find something to occupy myself I came across this series by Morgan Freeman. A fascinating insight into the similarities and relationships between different religions and science.


A really interesting article from the Greater Good Magazine on building resilience in work. This is definitely something that I need to work on, for me the its often about the narrative I tell myself that can cause me the biggest discomfort.


This was one of my favourite posts on Instagram this week from "Action for Happiness". So simple yet so true. Before you speak, THINK:‬

  • ‪Is it True?‬

  • ‪Is it Helpful?‬

  • ‪Is it Inspiring?‬

  • ‪Is it Necessary?‬

  • ‪Is it Kind?‬


My favourite quote of the week!


Finally, one of my favourite moments was receiving this letter that my daughter narrated at pre-school for her mum and me!

Ok thanks for taking the time to review our Friday Favourites, until next week!

Tim x


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