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Friday Favourites

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Each week we want to pass on some of the little things that have inspired us on social media, things we've read or listened to, things we've learnt and moments that impacted us and the things we are most grateful for during that week. These are our Friday Favourites:

1. What I am watching ...

A great documentary that follows people from Calcutta to Louisiana in attempt to find out what really makes people happy and content in life.

2. What I am listening to ..

If you haven't discovered this app yet and are interested in meditation I can't recommend Headspace enough. There is a free 10 part introduction series to kick you off, or you can buy an annual subscription for the entire library. There are sessions for most of life's challenges and a children's series. Each session is guided (there are non guided sessions as well) and you can also chose how long you want it to run each meditation for, from 10 minutes up to 20 minutes. As part of my morning routine I try to listen to one everyday and certainly notice when I haven't completed one.

3. What I enjoyed on social ...

I really enjoyed this piece from Richard Branson on twitter this week, it's about using fear as a driving force not something that holds you back.

4. What I am reflecting on ...

On a similar theme to the article on twitter, my favourite quote of the week ...

5. What I am most grateful for ...

Finally we had amazing weather for the Bank Holiday which made for an incredible weekend with family and friends!

Ok thanks for taking the time to review our Friday Favourites, until next week!

Tim x

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