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Friday Favourites

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Each week we want to pass on some of the little things that have inspired us on social media, things we've read or listened to, things we've learnt and moments that impacted us and the things we are most grateful for during that week. These are our Friday Favourites:

1. What I am watching ...

Ok so this 4 part series on Netflix will not be everyone's cup of tea but what stood out for me is what it takes to be the best in your field. There were so many great examples of what elite performers do. Being clear what you stand for, how you overcome adversity, the sacrifices you are prepared to make, the determination to press on, as well not be afraid to walk away it does not fit in with your personal philosophy.

2. A course I'm excited about ...

So I signed up for this online course this week which I can't wait to start. There are 3 things you can train in life your body, your craft and your mind, and this course looks at the skills required to train your mind to be your best. If you are interested click on the link. I will share what can on here and across my social channels as well.

3. What I'm doing for my body ...

There is so much advice on what to take for your body to ensure you get a good balance of all the vitamins and nutrients required its hard to know where to start. Athletic Greens cover most bases though and tasted pretty good as well.

4. What I am reflecting on ..

I think this goes with goals as well, often we turn up to work or life meander along, get frustrated we’re not getting this or that ... not saying it’s easy but maybe the real frustration is we’re not living a life which we owe ourselves 🤔

5. What I am practising ...

Finally this a little in the moment micro practice I'm trying out at the moment. Really useful for when I'm feeling stuck!

That's it for this weeks Friday Favourites, if you have a favourite you want to share, of any feedback on these favourites you can leave a comment on my Facebook page or follow us on Instagram.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, until next time #fridayfavourites #bestmebestyou # thelittleowlbook

Tim x

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