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Friday Favourites

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Each week I want to pass on some of the little things that have inspired me on social media, things I've read or listened to, things I've learnt, moments that impacted me and the things I am most grateful for during the last week. These are my Friday Favourites:

1. What I watched ...

When I first started meditating I had this expectation that I would go to some altered state where I would have no thoughts to interrupt my practice. The challenge was the more I meditated the more interruptions I was aware of. Jon Kabat-Zinn explains this beautifully in this short video.

2. What I listened to ...

So I was so excited that two of my favourite people in the world sat down and had this conversation. I was lighting up like a Christmas tree throughout this podcast. Everything that is true an resonates with me was touched on during this conversation. How to be vulnerable, the importance of courage, to be brave, how to have great relationships with your partner, how to keep going when life gets tough. So inspiring please check it out.

3. What I read ...

A really interesting on article around why it is hard to be vulnerable and why we judge ourselves harder than others who show vulnerability.

4. What I am reflecting on ..

I’m really good a creating lists for what to do, and as helpful as this at clearing the mind I also like to think about how I want to be today. These are mine: 1) Be curious 2) Be brave 3) Be genuine 4) Be kind 5) Be generous 6) Be grateful 7) Be present 8) Be determined

What’s on your “to be list”.

5. What I am practising ...

Finally this a little in the moment micro practice I'm trying out around self compassion at the moment. Really useful for when I'm feeling a bit rubbish!

That's it for this weeks Friday Favourites, if you have a favourite you want to share, of any feedback on these favourites you can leave a comment on my Facebook page or follow us on Instagram.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, until next time #fridayfavourites #bestmebestyou # thelittleowlbook

Tim x

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