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The Real Little Owl

You only get one shot at this crazy life so why not try and make it the best you can.



My journey is simple. To find out how to be the best version of myself, then share it to help the people I care about most. After all, Little Owls are very wise.



There was a real Little Owl (my mum), who inspired me to take on this new journey and write my first children’s book. When she died I had a lot of questions around life and wanted to share some of the answers I found and continue to discover, with the people closest to me.



If I can be a better, son, dad, husband and friend and human being then hopefully that can help you too.


Better Me! Better You!


Tim x


"That smile"
"That cuddle"
"I love you"
"That laugh"
"I'm right here"
"That stare"
"I care"
"That courage"
"That heart"
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